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Theft Offenses
Drug Offenses
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Danny McDaniel
Providing Personal Attention and Aggressive Representation When You Need It Most
Criminal Law & Juvenile Law
Welcome to The Law Office of Danny McDaniel
Any legal problem can throw your life into turmoil. Under the best circumstances, working your way through the court system can be a scary and intimidating experience. This is especially true when you are facing criminal or juvenile law problems. Your personal freedoms, family well-being and financial future may be on the line. During these difficult times, your choice of an attorney is critical.
Personal Attention and Aggressive Representation when you need it most!
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Early intervention by an attorney may be crucial to effectively protect your freedom and other constitutional rights. To discuss your criminal or juvenile matter please call me at 469-464-5387. Evening and weekend appointments are available.
My Background
I was born and raised in Lubbock Texas where I received my Bachelor's Degree from Texas Tech University. Before attending law school, I was a business executive in the medical technology industry where I directly managed both small entrepreneurial businesses as well as multi-million-dollar organizations. I earned my Law Degree, with honors, from Thomas Jefferson School of Law, graduating Cum Laude.
I will give you the time, personal attention and aggressive representation needed to overcome the life-changing issues you are facing. We will work together to restore your freedom, dignity, security and well-being. The choice is clear, I will dedicate all the necessary resources needed inside and outside the courtroom to provide timely results every step of the way.